12 September 2012

When I Grow Up...

Who knows whats going on with me.. two posts in a short amount of time? aren't you all lucky.

For those of you who don't know.. after leaving 6th form, I have decided that rather than waste a year before going to uni, I would enroll on a college course (after advice from my hairdresser, she may be to thank for on of the better decisions I have made this past year... I also should have listened when she advised against cutting my hair off and dyeing it darker). Tomorrow (or today, because that's when you will get to read this) I will be attending my first day of college.. which scares me a little. I met a few people when I enrolled.. but being inbetween the 16 year old girls fresh from their GCSEs and the 20somethings that have made new decisions with their lives, there aren't going to be to many people I can relate to. It is also worth pointing out this is a female heavy course.. with only one boy at enrollment.. and after spending 2 years in a boys school.. i think it's going to be a bit different to what i have become accustomed to.

Despite my worries and doubts I'm sure all will be fine, I am only in college 2 days a week due to working on a placement for 3 days, plus its only for a year. I have other friends and that isn't the reason I'm there. I'm looking forward to finally doing something relevant to what I want to do in the long term, and sorting out my Uni situation. After a long summer that involved 4/5 weeks of work experience and 6 weeks doing nothing particularly noteworthy, anything productive will be welcomed. I will update you all on how my course is going, what I'm up to and the uni situation (as it progresses).

With most of my friends off to uni, me off to college alone, and others embarking on the world of work.. growing up no longer seems like an option but a necessary task. As sad as it is to wave goodbye to the past, I have a feeling that this is going to be the start of an exciting couple of years for all my friends and me.. and others of you in similar situations.

Look forward to speaking to you all again soon..

Laura xx

11 September 2012

Why I Wear Make-Up Tag

Anyone who has/is a beauty blogger.. or is a regular reader of beauty blogs/viewer of youtube videos his some love of mke up.. some of us have vast expansive collections.. others have smaller collections but depend on it all the same. Whether its the joy that comes from finding your holy grail products, or having that high end bag in your hand or just the confidence it gives you.. their is something satisfying about make up .. and I just thought I would do this tag to tell you all why I love it!

QUESTION 1: When did you begin loving make-up?

I'm not sure when I started loving it.. I just know that the whole idea always appealed to me. As a child I would admire the celebrities and would often watch my mum apply her (minimal) make up. whether she was sat in the car before a shopping trip to canterbury quickly putting her face on.. or stood in front of a mirror at home I would sit and watch her. It just fascinated me how a few products could change someones appearance so drastically and make them look more awake and ready to face the day and, more importantly, accentuating their features.

I remember buying my first make-up.. I must have been about 12 and was out with my mum and grandma and I had about £5-£10 pocket money and asked my mum if I could buy some.. she took me into boots and I picked out a purple eyeshadow quad, an eyeliner, clear mascara and  pink sparkly lipstick. From there on the obsession grew.. along with everyone at school, slowly building up the amount of make-up we could get away with. By about year 10/11 (only 3/2 years ago.. scary) I was stuck in a collection 2000 rut, unaware of what wonders lay beyond the budget make-up line or what worked for me. My skin was also (surprisingly) in fairly good condition. oh how times have changed. It was about this time I discovered the blogging world and the videos on youtube and remember searching youtube for tutorials for my year 11 prom make-up.. with make-up that I could afford.

QUESTION 2: How do you feel without make-up?

I am one of those who cant leave the house without tinted oisturiser, concealer and mascara at least.. and even then its usually because im applying a full face later on. This is more a matter of confidence though. My skin isn't always on it's best behaior.. frequent break outs and oily skin have left me feeling a bit self concsious and afraid to show my bare face even to close friends. I did however spend the good part of a year with clear skin.. until the warmish weather hit and my skin played up as it did last year. I am trying to improve my skin so that hopefully I can feel more confident without it.. or at least wear make-up which is a lot lighter so I can embrace my natural skin a bit more (rather than covering it up with high coverage foundations, layers of concealer and powder to keep it all in place).

QUESTION 3: What do you like about make up?

As I just mentioned, I like the confidence that comes with a face full of make up.. however I also enjoy the creativity it allows me to have with my appearance.

anyone who knows me will know it is a rare occasion to see me without winged eyeliner and eyeshadow on.. even for a casual occasion. I enjoy doing my make-up and enjoy creating new looks with my products.. I am known for spending a day at home creating something bold on my face to see how different products work. The versatility it provides is more impressive than the confidence it gives me.... this is why I love any excuse to experiment and leave the house looking a bit different

QUESTION 4: What are your 3 holy grail items?

1. a liquid eyeliner.. currently using Rimmel exaggerate in 001 and Natural collection Liquid Eye Lines in Black.

2. A mascara.. currently loving Body Shop Super Volume Mascara and Benefit Bad Gal

3. A concealer .. I dont have a holy grail concealer as of yet!

SO everyone.. here is a bit of a long winded post bout my relationship with make up.. if any of you have also done this tag.. leave a link below because these have fast become my favourite things to read/watch.

until next time..

Laura xx