28 January 2011

OOTD - Casual.

This is just a casual outfit of the day of what I wore today. 

Navy Cardigan - Primark £6
Pale Blue Vest Top - New Look £4
Black Plaited Belt - Primark £1
Skinny Jeans - Peacocks £10
My GORGEOUS bag - Accessorize £28

hope you like it :)

23 January 2011

Thing of the Week.

Brainwave earlier to do a "Thing of the Week". I would of called it "Product of the Week" but to branch out to more people and because my life doesn't revolve around beauty products "Thing of the Week" is much more appropriate!

This week my favourite thing has to be my Barry M Nail paint in Pink Iridescent (264) 

I have been using this over every nail polish I use for the past couple of weeks just to liven things up a bit! I'm currently sporting french manicure style so this isn't appropriate or i would take a picture to show you it on the nails. i recommend you all go out and buy it. NOW!!!!!

Hope You have all had a FABULOUS week!

22 January 2011


Today I went on a nice shopping trip from about 10-'til-5. unfortunately there wasn't much that stood out in the shops but bought a few basics and have given into a couple of bags.. which are both quite similar... but oh well!


Black and Navy Cardigans - £6 each, navy not in picture

Hair Bands - £1  Hair Grips (Boots) - £1.50

Polka Dot Black Tights - £2

New Look:

Shoestring Vest Navy and Purple - £1.99 each

Pink and Cream Striped Vest - £5.99

Light Blue Vest - £3.99

Large Grey Tote Style Bag with Drawstrings - £14.99

Grey Tube/Bodycon Skirt - £8


Grey Slouchy Bag - £28


Purple Cardigan - £10

Skinny Jeans - £10


21 January 2011

Rediscovered: Garnier Summer body.

The other day I was thinking to myself.. "I need to fake tan" but it being half 8 already i realised using my normal one wasn't an option as you have to leave it on for a few hours then wash off so I remembered I had some Garnier Summer body moisturiser left over still. I was worried that it might be out of date or something as I have had it in my drawer for quite some time but took the risk anyway. I had forgotten how good this was as a fake tan.. despite its claims to be "gradual" the next morning i had a noticeable tan which wasn't too orange either. safe to say i will be purchasing a new bottle of this when my one runs out for those top ups and late night tanning sessions!

14 January 2011

Exam Stress

feels like yesterday I did my mocks.. but it was in fact about 3 months ago.. thankfully most of my AS exams aren't until summer but on Monday I am faced with my English exam. well if my practice essays are anything to go by then I wouldn't really say there much chance of me getting above a D but this weekend I'm packing in the revision. just thought I would let you all know how I revise and what I do to stop getting stressed.

1. when I revise I like to make it fun. I buy a big pack of felt pens and make my notes as colourful as possible so its not boring continuous note writing in biro.

2. create a playlist of favourite songs to help energise me and make me focus on what I'm supposed to be doing!


4. re-watch real housewives of new jersey in my breaks. LOVE THAT PROGRAMME! and by the time it actually loads I have been working for 20-30 minutes by which point I'm in need of a break!

5. online shopping... even if I don't buy anything its still relaxing to have a little browse!

hope you all have a good weekend; follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/09lauraspain

11 January 2011

10 Best of 2010

I am limiting myself to 10 of my favourite products of 2010... one product for each category :) hope you enjoy!

1. Best Foundation: REVLON colorstay. doesnt feel cakey despite being thick and lasts ages!

2. Best Blush: 17 (boots own brand) in China Pink

3.Best Bronzer: Natural Collection (Boots own brand) Bronzing powder in Golden Glow

4. Best Eyeshadow: Elf Eye Brightening Quad in Nymph Dreams

5.Best Eyeliner: ELF shimmer eyeliner pencil in Twinkle Teal

6. Best Mascara: Collection 2000 Collagen Curl waterproof

7.Best Skin Product: St Ives Apricot Scrub in Invigorating.

couldnt access mine right now.. now picture sorry :(

8.Best Bath Product: Imperial Leather Snug as a Bug.

Run out of product so no picture sorry :(

9.Best Book: Brick Lane by Monica Ali

My book broke on holiday so no picture sorry :(

10.Best Film I Watched.: The boy in striped Pyjamas.

9 January 2011

Favourite Nail varnish

I LOVE nail varnish.and i couldn't pick one favourite.. it was hard enough choosing three! but i love any shade of nail varnish.. preferably the brighter shades cos i wear them longer. but i get bored of having my nails one colour and get through so much which is why i hate spending a lot of money on nail varnish! so my top 3 are all "drugstore" brands at low prices.

1. Misguided splash in misfit - black with a lot of gold glitter!

2. Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Fruit salad - bight pink

3. Max Factor Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit - burgundy (red/purple)

6 January 2011

Great or Hate: Superbad

Anyone who follows me on twitter (username: 09lauraspain..follow me) will be aware of my love for Michael Cera since I recently re-watched Superbad. I have always liked him and I think he makes Juno good (and safe to say its not the bets film in the world). But I love his character in Superbad and if he's anything like that in real life then the people he knows are lucky people. but I cannot rate this film enough its funny and is so relatable to teenagers. its the story of three teenagers, none of which are popular in high school and their quest to impress the girls they like and get the drink for a party. I suggest you all go buy/rent/ find some way to watch this film!

This is no Bridget Jones... well it is!

January.. famous for being one of the most depressing months of the year.. back to work, back to school after spending the Christmas holidays eating and drinking far too much. but there is one thing that is managing to get me through this down time. Bridget Jones Diary.. and nope I don't mean the film, I'm currently reading the book. and safe to say I LOVE it. Helen Fielding is amazing.. she captures life so well in her writing and makes it so relatable to all ages! it has inspired me to start writing my own diary which one day I will love to look back on, iI just wish iI had started on earlier! I recommend this book its almost better than the film!
comment your thoughts or book recommendations below :)

5 January 2011

Christmas Haul

first blog post and i know its a week and a bit late but i wanted to do it as many of the things i got for Christmas i plan on reviewing or using somehow in the future and its a little insight into the things i like :)
well heres the list.. i guess you will have to try and match everything up and a couple of things on my list may have been used already so sorry about that!
My christmas presents!
-IPOD TOUCH (main present not in picture)
-The Wanted Book
-The Wanted Album (not in picture)
-The princess Diaries 1&2
-Avon Advance Techniques brush and comb (only brish in picture)
-Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks  in passion peel off and green tea.
-Superdrug pomegranate and cranberry peel off mask.
-Collection 2000 nail varnishes in fruit salad, parma violet and show off
-Max Factor Nailfinity nail varnish in Ruby Fruit
-Charlie red body spray and 100ml fragrance
-Avon Perfume Incandescence
-Maybelline Lash Stilleto mascara
-Avon double ended eyeline (silver &black)
-Falling by Sharon Dogar
-Glee eye shadow palette
-St Ives Apricot scrub in blemish fighting and superdrug flannel
-ColourTrend (Avon) eye palette in tempting twilight and lip palette in pink passion and glitter eyeline in silver
- Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! in Magical.
-and other various lipbalms, nail files, and lots of CHOCOLATE

i hope you all had an excellent christmas and new years (or other holiday if you dont celebrate christmas) comment below with what you got. :)