29 April 2011

When I walk the ground shakes...

Here is a small collective haul of a few things I have bought over the past month. Sorry (again) for lack of posts but blogging hasn’t been my priority lately, very very sorry. I have used some of the things in this haul an will give you my thoughts on them as I go through.

American Flag Racer Back Top: £3 Primark

Sheer T-Shirt style blouse: £8 Primark

Baggy T-Shirt: £6 New Look (I recommend buying this in a couple of sizes larger at least, I choose to wear with one sleeve off the shoulder)

Floral Top: Primark, given to me from my sister.

Pink Rose Earrings: £1 Primark

Indian style Dangly Earrings: £3 F&F Tescos

Pack of brown/wood bracelets: £2 Primark

Floral Sunglasses: £1 Primark

Black Frame Sunglasses: £1 Primark

Fake Tan Glove: £2 Savers

MUA Nail varnish in Shade 5 & Shade 1: £1 each Superdrug

Sainsburys Skin, Hair and Nails Vitamins and Starflower Oil vitamins: Sainsburys (price unknown)

Breakfast At Tiffanys DVD: HMV £3

Alice in Wonderland, Through The looking glass & Jane Eyre: 3 for £5 HMV
The truth about Melody Brown: free in cosmopolitan
Never Let Me Go: Borrowed

I promise I will get back into blogging now, I have so many blog posts lined up. Good luck to all of you who have exams coming up J
Laura x

12 April 2011

Small Haul

I haven't really bought much lately however there are a couple of things I have picked up I wanted to show you :)
 Sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins £8

Shoes - £15 (not sure of the shop, sorry)

Shoes - Asda £7

I have also started taking some hair, skin and nails vitamins to hopefully improve my skin and the quality of my hair and nails.. i will tell you all if i notice any significant improvement after a couple of months :)

Sorry this is such a small post
Until next time, Laura :) x

8 April 2011

The Body Shop - Palettes

For christmas I was given a Body shop palette in twlight, my sister also got one which she has given to me but I don't know what its called. When I opened these I was so excited to use them! I had high expectations because I knew that they wouldn't of been cheap. however, when it came to using them I was quite dissapointed. The eyeshadows are extremely crumbly and chunky and the more matte colours have hardly any pigmentation. The highlighters that come in both .. which claim to be 'cream' are anything but. they come out like quite big particles of glitter.. I wore one one day and my friend told me I looked like I was going to a rave with all the glitter on my face.

The twilight Palette:

The colours in this palette are:

violet sky         damson velvet
                                                                                     pearl cream highlighter
lilac mist           pink champage

My favourite colour in this palette is pink champagne.. although it is rather shimmery, I love wearing it as a lid colour, the rest of these have gone virtually untouched. 

 The Other Palette:

The colours in this Palette:

Starry Night     Pink Light
                                                                                  Lunar Cream Highlighter
Bronze blaze     Silver

My first criticism with this palette are the names, Bronze Blaze is more of an orange with slight shimmer, and Silver appears to be a frosty blue. Apart from starry night all these eyeshadows are very chunky and have to blended extremely well. I was so excited to use starry night because it looked beautiful (matte black with silver glitter) however I was wrong again. the black blends out to virtually nothing, leaving you with silver glitter. the cream highlighter was another let down. I thought this one would be better because it seems more gold toned, however again all you are left with is glitter on your face.  

The only upside to these products is their packaging is nice (if not a little big) and the mirror is a decent size. the only time I really reach for these products is to use the mirror. This has definatley put me off buying any body shop make-up in the future without serious research into it.  I hate putting products down but this was just such a let down and I'm glad I didn't buy them with my own money! 

Until next time.. Laura x

5 April 2011

I feel half of my blog posts are apologies for being a lazy cow and not posting.. but this time I genuinley had no laptop! So from now I am going to be more of a blogger and aim to get my followers up to 100 within the month.. difficult task but I will try, so please broadcast this on twitter, tell your friends  (follow me @09lauraspain) because I would love to do a giveaway at 100 followers. this probably sounds so desperate . sorry!
So this isn't a useless blog post you all read and thought urgh what a waste of time! i thought i would include a small update!

1. Hair - anyone who follows me on twitter (@09lauraspain) will be aware that I have had my hair 'dyed' .. its now much much lighter thanks to bleach highlights and a high-lift (hairdressers please tell me what this is exactly?) so here is a picture of my new blonde hair :)

does anyone know of any light packet hair dyes hat arent bleach that i can use to maintain this kind of light blonde because I can't afford to fork out for hairdessers every few weeks?

2. School: I am only a 16 year old girl, studying for my AS exams... and in only a matter of weeks will be sitting them! so i have lots of revision to fit in.. but thankfully with the easter holidays not even a week away im sure i will be able to fit in some blog posts.. so don't lose hope on me just yet!

3. Money: i still have no money.. in fact i currently have 6p to my name... and so haven't done much shopping lately however my lovely mum has taken me out a couple of times and so i do have a couple of things to show you that will feature in another post.

apart from matters of my life which I'm sure none of you are too fussed about.. thats about it of my boring life right now... will put another post up tomorrow! 

Laura x