29 June 2011

We're going on a bear hunt...

I'm on a hunt for a good foundation at the moment. Im not willing to spend anything over £15 (sorry high end) but I just don't like spending large amounts of money on things that run out in a couple of months. I have oily combination skin.. and most products that aren't oil free tend to break me out (I'm open to recommendations of products that aren't oil free if your skin is similar to mine and they have had a positive effect). My skin also tends to allow foundation to go patchy in a few hours.. even when they promise long wear. |
I have tried healthy mix.. and as much as i love it.. it doesn't give the right coverage for me. I have tried bio-detox and that didn't last at all.. I have tried revlon colorstay and might buy that again. But i want all of you to come up with suggestions for me because I'm tired of wasting money on foundations and being sooo dissapointed with them


until next time.. laura xx

27 June 2011

NOTD - Summer Polka Dots

I really wanted something interesting and summery on my nails.. and after buying the nail varnishes i wanted to use them! so this is what i came up with.. not very original or neat but its only my first attempt!

For the Background I used 17 Lasting Finish Nail Varnish in Mint Choc Chip, and for the polka dots i used 17 Lasting Finish Nail Varnish in Pink Grapefruit

Until Next time
Laura xx

26 June 2011

sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air...

Yesterday I went shopping with all of £30 to spend (a little extra for lunch) so that I could spend the day with my sister. I was expecting to pick up maybe on piece of clothing and some form of make-up. Thank you primark is all I need to say.. they seemed to have so much in there I wanted I had to restrict myself! I also popped into numerous other stores. Can someone explain to me why in a pound store I was refused nail varnish because im under 18? ridiculous. Well anyway here's my little haul!

Primark Finds:

Long Vest Tops: £3 each (absolute steal! I love these tops!)

Strappy Summer Top: £6 (This is so perfect for summer; its lightweight and got that tribal print!.. perfect with a £1 thin brown plaited primark belt too!)

vintage inspired small satchel: £7 (this bag is perfect size and fits quite a lot in!)

Cream & Black Bow Shoes: £6 (they are soft so wont hurt my feet.. plus the oversized bows are lovely! 

A couple of things from Superdrug....

MUA Nail Varnish: £1 each (shade 16 & 11 L-R)

Then some boots bargains!

17 Nail Varnish in Mint Choc Chip: £2.99

Because I was shopping with my sister she bought something too and then i got the free Nail Bar in a Bag (she got a free concealer from my advantage card offers!)

One last thing...

Willy Wonka's Nerds: 99p sweet shop.
I remember having these all the time when i was little and along with many other things like golden grahams and cheetos they seemed to have dissapeared! however I went into the little sweetshop to see they were selling them and my day was made! 

Until Next Time

Laura xx

23 June 2011

Laura's Advice

One thing I love is when someone comes to me with a problem to solve, whether its about hair/beauty products and styles or if its my sister asking me about her clothes, or a friend asking me for advice on anything.. and me being able to solve it. I'm not saying i have the life experience to do this, but i have common sense and can offer an outsiders perspective. I would like to start up some posts offering some of you anonymous advice on anything! (if its beyond what i can adivse then i will tell you and not do a post on it) but if i feel like my view may have an impact and lead you to an answer i would love to do it! if nobody contacts me then you wont see any posts.
Contact me on:
laura.spain94@hotmail.co.uk OR direct message me on twitter @09lauraspain

I am aware this is  slightly rambly post but i wondered if there was anyone out there looking for advice that would like a different perspective! thats all i am claiming to offer.. im not claiming to solve your problems, just give you an opinion that might lead you to what you want to do

Until next time
Laura xx

20 June 2011

nothing was the same again

Rimmel have bought out another new mascara.. this one looked so similar to the MAC mascara that i had my eye on i though this has got to be worth considering the price different.. the mascara im talking about is Rimmel; Day2Night mascara. Overall im very impressed with the results of this mascara.. im not one for natural lashes so dont tend to use the lengthening on its own but i have included the pictures to go with my method of using the mascara!

1. No mascara
2. one coat of lengthening
3. one coat of volumising
4. extra coat of lengthening to get rid of any clumps

as you can probably tell I have long eyelashes anyway however i have found this mascara to give me false lash effect aye lashes.. better than any 'false lash effect' mascara i have used! this is a mascara i will be repurchasing for sure

until next time

Laura xx

19 June 2011

Thank You!

I have finally reached 50 followers.. sand even though it has taken me about 6 months to do, I'm so happy to have reached it.. I didn't think in a million years i would get ten followers because I had a blog before that had like none.. but now I have reached fifty its one milestone done. And I would like to thank everyone for following me..and an extra thanks to anyone who has ever tweeted my blog and helped me gain those few followers. I was debating a 50 follower giveaway but thought i would make you all wait 'til I have reached the 100 follower milestone and reward the winner with a bigger, better prize!

I don't blog for followers.. which I'm aware it may sound like i do from that post.. but i love knowing people sit there and read my blog and the more people that do.. the better it makes me feel in terms of having an input into peoples lives! Another thank you to you all.. i look forward to eventually holding a giveaway.. even if it takes 10 years to reach!.. hope you all stay loyal and read my posts and don't forget to comment.. because every time I have a comment it genuinely makes my day

Laura xx

NOTD - MUA shade 5

I now own 3 of the MUA nail varnishes and considering they only cost a pound they are pretty good quality. Shade 5 is a light turquoise colour and I think it is just the perfect colour for summer, it brightens up just about anything! As for the coverage (as i have found with all three colours I own) they do take a few coats to get rid of any nail underneath.. however the coats dry really quickly so there's no time difference between that and a normal two coat nail varnish! Heres the picture:

Overall these nail varnishes are deifnitley worth more than the pound you spend on them and have super colour payoff.. i will definitley be buying more next time I'm in superdrug!

Until next time, Laura

14 June 2011

a heart plus a heart...

When I died my hair a few weeks back I decided to buy a deep conditioner to revive it from the dye and also from all the heat I use to tame my hair. I stumbled across Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect 2 Min Damage Rescue Treatment. This product claims to be "protection and vibrancy for all coloured or highlighted hair" I was definitely expecting to have soft silky hair.. which is definitely what I am left with, however I'm not sure this does much for the colour.. but I am also using Paul Smith Blonde shampoo.. overall I will say its definitely good for bringing your hair back to life, mine feels super soft and silky and my split ends seem to have dissapeared on the most part. This is definitely a product I recomend for hair that isn't too damaged. If you have tried this product on super damaged hair please comment your results!

When I use this product I take a scoop out with my fingers and put that on the ends then focus the rest on the roots and use any extra if I need to. I use it on My roots because its supposed to help my colour vibrancy and to read my fringe because that is definitely one of the most damaged parts of my hair from those straighteners. I also tend to leave it on for between 2-5 minutes instead of the 2 it says just to help make my hair extra soft. I use this every Sunday night then mid-week I use the Paul Smith condition to match the blonde shampoo I'm currently using just to improve the condition of my hair. This is because I'm trying to grow my hair back to length it was about this time last year so am not going to the hairdressers.. because that always results in me wanting to do something drastic.

Until next time, 
Laura x

13 June 2011

NOTD - Collection 2000 Show Off

I love the collection 2000 Hot Looks nail varnish range, there are so many colours to choose from and cost less that £2.. however they do chip fairly easily and and go gloopy after a couple of months. having said this there isnt too much product in the bottle and you could use most of it before it goes gloopy, then just add a couple of drops of nail varnish remover to bring it back to life. The colour pay off is very good and you could leave them at one coat.. but I do two just to make the colour have more depth to it. Here are my pictures!

As you can tell its a very vibrant blue, sorry about the pictures they were taken last night, but you can still see the bright colour and the shimmer which is very clear. overall these nail varnish has a thumbs up from me.

Until Next time

Laura x

12 June 2011

Its not about the money

on tuesday, when the last of my exams was over i took a trip to town planning on not spending much money just to pick up a few basics. I decided I would pop into poundland to pick up a few stationary bits and pieces and stumbled across this book.

I now have a pile of books I am yet to read and should really wait til I have read a few before picking up any more but when a book grabs my attention I have to have it! Im not sure how good the book will turn out to be, however i have seen some well known books in poundland before.. and even some well known films so i don't doubt that it will be some dodgy book that should be avoided.. plus i have a love for anything indian related.

I will let you all know how i get on with it and expect a couple of reviews to come up in the next couple of weeks :)

Until next time, Laura x