20 June 2011

nothing was the same again

Rimmel have bought out another new mascara.. this one looked so similar to the MAC mascara that i had my eye on i though this has got to be worth considering the price different.. the mascara im talking about is Rimmel; Day2Night mascara. Overall im very impressed with the results of this mascara.. im not one for natural lashes so dont tend to use the lengthening on its own but i have included the pictures to go with my method of using the mascara!

1. No mascara
2. one coat of lengthening
3. one coat of volumising
4. extra coat of lengthening to get rid of any clumps

as you can probably tell I have long eyelashes anyway however i have found this mascara to give me false lash effect aye lashes.. better than any 'false lash effect' mascara i have used! this is a mascara i will be repurchasing for sure

until next time

Laura xx

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