26 June 2011

sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air...

Yesterday I went shopping with all of £30 to spend (a little extra for lunch) so that I could spend the day with my sister. I was expecting to pick up maybe on piece of clothing and some form of make-up. Thank you primark is all I need to say.. they seemed to have so much in there I wanted I had to restrict myself! I also popped into numerous other stores. Can someone explain to me why in a pound store I was refused nail varnish because im under 18? ridiculous. Well anyway here's my little haul!

Primark Finds:

Long Vest Tops: £3 each (absolute steal! I love these tops!)

Strappy Summer Top: £6 (This is so perfect for summer; its lightweight and got that tribal print!.. perfect with a £1 thin brown plaited primark belt too!)

vintage inspired small satchel: £7 (this bag is perfect size and fits quite a lot in!)

Cream & Black Bow Shoes: £6 (they are soft so wont hurt my feet.. plus the oversized bows are lovely! 

A couple of things from Superdrug....

MUA Nail Varnish: £1 each (shade 16 & 11 L-R)

Then some boots bargains!

17 Nail Varnish in Mint Choc Chip: £2.99

Because I was shopping with my sister she bought something too and then i got the free Nail Bar in a Bag (she got a free concealer from my advantage card offers!)

One last thing...

Willy Wonka's Nerds: 99p sweet shop.
I remember having these all the time when i was little and along with many other things like golden grahams and cheetos they seemed to have dissapeared! however I went into the little sweetshop to see they were selling them and my day was made! 

Until Next Time

Laura xx


  1. Fab buys :-) love the first two tops x

  2. Great buys lovely!A big yay for candy and a bigger yay for the title of the post.I love that song :)

  3. Wow what gorgeous buys :)
    I used to love Nerds when I was little too, didn't know they still made them I will be on a hunt for them now. That top with the feathers on is stunning :) xxx

  4. My friend has that Primark bag. It was one of those Primark items where I asked where she got it and couldn't believe it when she said where it was from! Lovely blog xxxxxx

  5. Love everything you've brought, its gorgeous! I have the mint choc chip nail polish and I love it xxx