14 June 2011

a heart plus a heart...

When I died my hair a few weeks back I decided to buy a deep conditioner to revive it from the dye and also from all the heat I use to tame my hair. I stumbled across Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect 2 Min Damage Rescue Treatment. This product claims to be "protection and vibrancy for all coloured or highlighted hair" I was definitely expecting to have soft silky hair.. which is definitely what I am left with, however I'm not sure this does much for the colour.. but I am also using Paul Smith Blonde shampoo.. overall I will say its definitely good for bringing your hair back to life, mine feels super soft and silky and my split ends seem to have dissapeared on the most part. This is definitely a product I recomend for hair that isn't too damaged. If you have tried this product on super damaged hair please comment your results!

When I use this product I take a scoop out with my fingers and put that on the ends then focus the rest on the roots and use any extra if I need to. I use it on My roots because its supposed to help my colour vibrancy and to read my fringe because that is definitely one of the most damaged parts of my hair from those straighteners. I also tend to leave it on for between 2-5 minutes instead of the 2 it says just to help make my hair extra soft. I use this every Sunday night then mid-week I use the Paul Smith condition to match the blonde shampoo I'm currently using just to improve the condition of my hair. This is because I'm trying to grow my hair back to length it was about this time last year so am not going to the hairdressers.. because that always results in me wanting to do something drastic.

Until next time, 
Laura x


  1. That Pantene product sounds amazing! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks so much for this helpful review!