12 June 2011

Its not about the money

on tuesday, when the last of my exams was over i took a trip to town planning on not spending much money just to pick up a few basics. I decided I would pop into poundland to pick up a few stationary bits and pieces and stumbled across this book.

I now have a pile of books I am yet to read and should really wait til I have read a few before picking up any more but when a book grabs my attention I have to have it! Im not sure how good the book will turn out to be, however i have seen some well known books in poundland before.. and even some well known films so i don't doubt that it will be some dodgy book that should be avoided.. plus i have a love for anything indian related.

I will let you all know how i get on with it and expect a couple of reviews to come up in the next couple of weeks :)

Until next time, Laura x

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