19 June 2011

Thank You!

I have finally reached 50 followers.. sand even though it has taken me about 6 months to do, I'm so happy to have reached it.. I didn't think in a million years i would get ten followers because I had a blog before that had like none.. but now I have reached fifty its one milestone done. And I would like to thank everyone for following me..and an extra thanks to anyone who has ever tweeted my blog and helped me gain those few followers. I was debating a 50 follower giveaway but thought i would make you all wait 'til I have reached the 100 follower milestone and reward the winner with a bigger, better prize!

I don't blog for followers.. which I'm aware it may sound like i do from that post.. but i love knowing people sit there and read my blog and the more people that do.. the better it makes me feel in terms of having an input into peoples lives! Another thank you to you all.. i look forward to eventually holding a giveaway.. even if it takes 10 years to reach!.. hope you all stay loyal and read my posts and don't forget to comment.. because every time I have a comment it genuinely makes my day

Laura xx