23 June 2011

Laura's Advice

One thing I love is when someone comes to me with a problem to solve, whether its about hair/beauty products and styles or if its my sister asking me about her clothes, or a friend asking me for advice on anything.. and me being able to solve it. I'm not saying i have the life experience to do this, but i have common sense and can offer an outsiders perspective. I would like to start up some posts offering some of you anonymous advice on anything! (if its beyond what i can adivse then i will tell you and not do a post on it) but if i feel like my view may have an impact and lead you to an answer i would love to do it! if nobody contacts me then you wont see any posts.
Contact me on:
laura.spain94@hotmail.co.uk OR direct message me on twitter @09lauraspain

I am aware this is  slightly rambly post but i wondered if there was anyone out there looking for advice that would like a different perspective! thats all i am claiming to offer.. im not claiming to solve your problems, just give you an opinion that might lead you to what you want to do

Until next time
Laura xx

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