29 April 2011

When I walk the ground shakes...

Here is a small collective haul of a few things I have bought over the past month. Sorry (again) for lack of posts but blogging hasn’t been my priority lately, very very sorry. I have used some of the things in this haul an will give you my thoughts on them as I go through.

American Flag Racer Back Top: £3 Primark

Sheer T-Shirt style blouse: £8 Primark

Baggy T-Shirt: £6 New Look (I recommend buying this in a couple of sizes larger at least, I choose to wear with one sleeve off the shoulder)

Floral Top: Primark, given to me from my sister.

Pink Rose Earrings: £1 Primark

Indian style Dangly Earrings: £3 F&F Tescos

Pack of brown/wood bracelets: £2 Primark

Floral Sunglasses: £1 Primark

Black Frame Sunglasses: £1 Primark

Fake Tan Glove: £2 Savers

MUA Nail varnish in Shade 5 & Shade 1: £1 each Superdrug

Sainsburys Skin, Hair and Nails Vitamins and Starflower Oil vitamins: Sainsburys (price unknown)

Breakfast At Tiffanys DVD: HMV £3

Alice in Wonderland, Through The looking glass & Jane Eyre: 3 for £5 HMV
The truth about Melody Brown: free in cosmopolitan
Never Let Me Go: Borrowed

I promise I will get back into blogging now, I have so many blog posts lined up. Good luck to all of you who have exams coming up J
Laura x


  1. Wow bargains! I LOVE that American flag top, must see if I can find that! x

  2. I have that Primark sheer top in two different colours, wish I had more as I wear them all the time!