14 January 2011

Exam Stress

feels like yesterday I did my mocks.. but it was in fact about 3 months ago.. thankfully most of my AS exams aren't until summer but on Monday I am faced with my English exam. well if my practice essays are anything to go by then I wouldn't really say there much chance of me getting above a D but this weekend I'm packing in the revision. just thought I would let you all know how I revise and what I do to stop getting stressed.

1. when I revise I like to make it fun. I buy a big pack of felt pens and make my notes as colourful as possible so its not boring continuous note writing in biro.

2. create a playlist of favourite songs to help energise me and make me focus on what I'm supposed to be doing!


4. re-watch real housewives of new jersey in my breaks. LOVE THAT PROGRAMME! and by the time it actually loads I have been working for 20-30 minutes by which point I'm in need of a break!

5. online shopping... even if I don't buy anything its still relaxing to have a little browse!

hope you all have a good weekend; follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/09lauraspain

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  1. I go shopping for revision stuff! spend a fortune on pens and post its and files and coloured paper! doesnt help me though!! Good luck petal...im sure youl b grand!