15 July 2011

have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air

until about March I had only coloured my hair twice.. both times i had bleach highlights and high lift. I had this done again in March and as much of a difference as it made I wasn't fully happy with the results. so when i had enough root to irritate me i bought a packet of hair dye (fully aware of the mess my hair could potentially turn into) and so I chose L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in light frosted blonde. It promised a cool toned blonde several shades lighter than my current hair colour. Alas this was not the case. I was about a shade lighter and the difference was hardly noticeable. all that happened was my roots werent quite as obvious. Un happy with the outcome again I was looking for a blonde hair dye strong enough to give me light blonde hair without using plain bleach.. just to avoid the dullness. And so i found garnier belle colour in the lightest shade. I believe it contains hydrogen peroxide.. however it doesnt give you that same one colour look you get with plain old bleach. Obviously this product wasnt going to get 5 stars because its a packet of hair dye... my roots have a gingerish tinge to them however i am happy with the results.. I just need two packets next time as unfortunately one packet wasnt quite enough. I will be using this product again when i need to re do my hair (unless it is this i have had a reaction to!) my hair is now a light golden colour with a few tones in to give it that slightly more natural feel.

SO heres a picture of my hair at the moment. .. excuse the fact my hair looks white.. its the only way to take a decent picture using this webcam!

until next time... Laura xx

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  1. Oh i love your hair :) A few moths ago i tried dying my hair fro brunette to just a lighter shade, so i bought one packet (cant remember which brand) and it didn't work :( Next time i need to buy two but im not sure if i want to spend like €20!