27 August 2012


I sit here, half hungover (half too tired to really function) feeling guilty for abandoning my blog for the past couple of months, I could bore you all with the excuses that I have been to busy.. but in all honesty I just haven't had much to blog about so I thought I would give you all an insight into what I have been up to since I last spoke to you all.

Well I think the first thing to mention is that the 26th July was my 18th Birthday.. finally.. after what has felt like a century of waiting.. watching everyone round me turn 18 and just sitting there wishing I could be out with my friends, going to the parties but leaving for home at midnight, when everyone else's night was just starting. So if you haven't already guessed I have spent a few days this summer caking on the make up and the eyelashes.. my larger than necessary make-up collection coming in handy.. and the days after spent lying in bed wondering why I even bother drinking.

The second big event of the summer has been results day.. 16th August.. the day dreaded by all A-Level Students. The stress of results day actually made me slightly ill.. and then i found out it was all for nothing. I actually amazingly came away with an A* in Sociology, B in Government and Politics and a C in English Literature. I think now would be a good time to tell the story of the events that occurred a year previously. When I went to collect my AS results i was lift horrified at myself after achieving 2 CS and 3Ds.. subsequently dropped Media and Film Studies (one of the C & D grades) and was left with 1C and 2Ds to take into A2. I then worked incredibly hard this past year, retaking coursework and resitting all exams necessary to achieve what I did in the end. So a lesson to any disappointed AS students.. it is possible to get your grades up to what you want.. I went from a D in English to a C, a D in politics to a B and a C in sociology all the way to an A*. Hopefully this means that my university prospects are drastically improved... and I have been doing a tonne of research into Degree options etc.

This leads me onto the third and final thing I have to talk about now.. which is one reason contributing to my lack of effort in the blogging department. A lot of my friends are moving away in September and I am making the most of the time before they all disappear.. fortunately quite a few are sticking behind and I wont be entirely alone... but any excuse for a night out.

I have a few posts planned, I just need my blogging love to return..

Talk to you all soon xx

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