24 May 2011

I Been California Wishing On These Stars...

I'm sorry for not blogging these past couple of weeks, however exams and revision took control and even when i wasn't revising i was just too tired to be bothered with much else, however my exams are nearly over (with one to go in a couple of week) and I'm determined to get back to blogging.

I decided that since I hadn't really bought much lately that was really review worthy I would write a little book review instead. At christmas my friend bought me the book 'Falling' by Sharon Dogar because I had borrowed a book from her by the same author and loved it. Because of how much I had loved the other book I had high expectations of the storyline and the writing. Safe to say I was not let down, Yet again the writing is lovely and the only reason it took me so long to read is because I was scared of what was going to happen! (yes it sounds sad but i get like that with books.. and films!) 

The Back of the book says...
'Neesha is afraid - haunted by the fragments of a nightmare about a girl falling, far away and a long time ago.
Just when the echoes in her head overwhelm her, a boy unexpectedly comes to her rescue.
Handsome and talented, Sammy finds himself drawn to Neesha - but it's only when they come together that they begin to realise why.
Are they falling in love or being pulled in from the past - fated to replay a love affair that ended in blood?'

At First I imagined this to be a typical kind of love story, and going on the age of the characters (16-17) I would of said thats the age this book is aimed at. However there is definitely a depth to the book which is very dark and it covers very current themes like racism and also mental illness through one of the characters. I think these make it much more readable for older people as well.

Overall this was a lovely book and i love the artwork on the cover! I don't think that Sharon Dogar has many books out and if anyone has read any please comment :)

Laura x

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