10 August 2011

Chase thunder with the volume down

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had lost my blogging motivation, however, right now it is back.. at almost midnight. apologies to my followers who don't have much of an interest for reading as this post is about my challenge i am setting myself and also a review of the book i finished about 5 minutes ago!

I believe it was Kelly (twitter name kelanjo) who mentioned she was doing this, and I decided that I wanted to try it.. this was a while back and I was too poor to be able to buy books.. and so since my birthday I think I have about 12 books I have accumulated that I now have to read.. and so I have decided to attempt to read a book a week. I will do a weekly post.. probably around wednesdays.. about the book I have just read.. I will also tell you my next book and so if any want to join me you could also read the books as I do.

The book that I decided to start off my challenge with really was a task. It is called 'The Lady Elizabeth' by Alison Weir and at 500 pages I was doubting my ability to finish it in time.. but nevertheless I finished it with ten minutes to spare.
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I found this book whilst at Dover Castle last Wednesday and paid about £8 for it.. which I am aware I would of got a lot cheaper elsewhere, however I was so intrigued by it that I had to buy it there and then and started reading it when I was in the 40 minute queue for the wartime tunnels. I have always been interested in the Tudors since I learnt about them in year 3 and so whenever I come across a book whilst I have the money to spare I end up buying them.. and this book has made me want to read about Queen Elizabeth I as a queen.. so if anyone has any suggestions of good books about Queen Elizabeth please comment!!!

The Blurb of the book says; 'England, 1536. Home to the greatest, most glittering court in English history. But beneath the dazzling facade lies treachery... Elizabeth Tudor is daughter to Henry VIII, the most powerful king England has ever known. she is destined to ascend the throne and deferred to as the King's heiress, but all that changes when her mother Anne Boleyn - Henry's great passion and folly - is executed for treason. Elizabeths life alters in a heartbeat. A pawn in the savage game of Tudor power politics, she is disinherited, declared a bastard, and left with only her wits to rely on for her very existence. But Elizabeth is determined to survive, to foil those who want to destroy her - or who are determined to use her as a puppet for their own lethal ambition - and to reclaim her birthright...'

I read the authors note at the end to see how much of this novel has been kept true to history and she assures that majority has.. and that there are few things (which are named but I don't want to spoil the story) which she has built on or practically made up to create a more risky story. however I don't think there is much that hasn't been based on at least rumour! I think that Alison Weir is a lovely writer and I will definitely be checking out other stories by her.. and as much as I rushed to finish this book it definitely wasn't a chore to read and i loved it! if only i had a book on Elizabeth as a queen to carry in with! I recommend this to everyone, for as much as she likes to use as much of the language used in the times (though slightly modernized) it is an easy read and never boring.. and I think that's because she cleverly skips out years where not much would of happened. Also the sectioning of the story into three parts makes it much easier to red because its like 3 books within one.

My next book is 'The Last Song of Dusk' by Siddarth Dhanvant Shangvi and I bought this from poundland for  pound!

Hope this wasnt too rambly... until next time
Laura xxx

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  1. sounds interesting, will have to see if it's on amazon :)

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