11 August 2011

If you havent noticed already i have changed the appearance of my blog.  This is for several reasons, but mainly i like a change. I have also decided to take away the beauty blogger status of this blog and it is just a general use blog for me where i can post anything and everything i want.. and this is where the explanation gets a bit complicated.. i also have two new blogs; a make-up/fashion/etc specific blog call allthingsmadeup.blogspot.com which is currently under construction and a book blog called timeforabedtimestory.blogspot.com which is also under construction. all the posts from these two blogs will feature on here as well but because i want to make this a more 'generic' (for lack of a better word) blog which feautures things that i want to write about that dont apply to the other two blogs such as cooking, views on recent events, my love for film, weekly/monthly/whenever i bother roundups. I would love for you to follow the other two blogs if you want to.. and in future you can access them through the page buttons above! i figured that although this has made thins more complicated for me, for my beauty followers/bookish followers its simpler because you can just find the posts you want at a click of a button rather than looking in amongst the other rubbish i will doubtlessly post! excuse the randomness of my two new blogs at the moment .. havent quite got round to sorting them out but they will look identical to this so they simply look like extra pages.

sorry for the babbling and rambling and making this seem 1000000 times more complicated than it is, i just thought i would tell you all about the changes taking place! after all i want this blog to reflect me entirely and not partially.

until next time... Laura xx

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