26 August 2011

After that big haul i did a couple of weeks back.. i have shopped again but unfortunately this isn't a haul post. I think maybe its time for me to admit to being a shopaholic. anyone who follows me on twitter and is up late at night may have seen my ramblings about how much i loved to shop.. I cant find my tweets (i tweet too much and it would take forever to find them!) but safe to say i sounded like i belonged in shopaholics anonymous (any of you who have seen confessions of a shopaholic or have read the book will be aware of what im talking about...) well i thought now was time for a confession.. my name is Laura, im 17 years old and i am a shopaholic. done. it wasn't difficult.. but what is difficult is the fact i now have no money... no job... and an insatiable urge to shop. i am going from a 2 door wardrobe to a 4 door wardrobe (i have a tiny room and would rather have the wardrobe space than draws for clothes) and worry that when i eventually do get a job.. i will need a seperate room for my clothes. Im not a silly spender of money, i only buy the things i see that are worth getting or that are ridiculously cheap and dont make a difference either way.. so at least i have it under control in a way... however there are those moments of weakness when you see something.. and you know you just have to have it.. and then you look at the price and think hmm thats a bit pricey. This is when i leave it to fate. i place the item somewhere in the shop and return at the end of the day.. or the following day or even the following week.. if the item is still there, in my size i take it as fate for me to buy it.. if it isnt i feel sad for a while.. then find something else to spend the money on. anyway i dont really think that this blog post has all that much of a point.. i just thought i would confess to being a bit of a shopaholic and hope that some of you are the same.. and maybe im not so bad after all!

until next time.. laura xx


  1. I am exactly the same aha whenever i see something im like oh i shouldnt, but then i always end up getting it! Recently ive tried to stop browsing online stores (im looking at you Topshop!) because i always have the urge to order something which is not good for my bank balance!

  2. I'm the same as you! :) I can't stop spending!

    Lucy x