1 September 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends

Well my bedroom has now been redecorated and all bar a couple of minor things is finished! new furniture, bedding and a fresh coat of paint on the walls.. along with all of this is a new way of being organised.. and so i wondered if my lovely readers would like me to post a room tour complete with how i organise my wardrobe to my makeup storage and a glance at my books and dvds..????? please comment below..

i would also like to ask what kinds of posts you would like to see on here because where im distancing myself from the beauty community slightly i want to include a variety of posts and videos.. yes im contemplating braving the video!!! anyway i just wanted feedback from my lovely readers as to wht it is the like to read, and see if its the kind of thing i want to write so pleasseeeeee comment :) xxx


  1. I would like a room video tour with you pointing at things in an exaggerated manner. Also a good look at your books and DVDs. I LIKE TO JUDGE PEOPLE.

    (if you do I'll badly copy you)

    I like posts about, um, things which aren't massive rambles but lighthearted chats about things which are vaguely informative around you... for example I was thinking about doing my first fashion-y post as a 'bands I like enough to own shirts of' which I nicked off either Hipstercrite or The Hipster Diaries

    Hope I kinda helped... a bit...

    Jamie x

  2. i would love to see a room tour! & to see you do videos :) xx

  3. I think a room tour would be good! :) xx

  4. I'd love to see a room tour, i'm a sucker for pretty things, organisation and storage hehe! <3