9 September 2011

look whose been lucky...

After the usual happiness i feel when i finish 6th form at the beginning of lunch on a friday.. and a nice sunny walk home i put my key in the lock and couldnt quite open the door as easily.. Then i was greeted by a sight that made my day much better.. a parcel.. on the floor.. addressed to me! FInally after 2 weeks of receieving the initial email my collection 2000 prize had arrived! free make up is by far the best type of make up you could recieve! SO after peeling away the boring brown bag i was greeted by another bag..
I was not aware that i would be getting a cute little make-up bag included in my prize and so this will definitley come in handy for having in my bag! I then opened up the make up bag to find three little treats waiting inside..

 The waterproof skyscraper mascara in black..

Which has an uncanny resemblance to the maybelline lash stilletto packaging...

but very different brushes.

i tried this out on my lower lashes as i already had mascara on and it gave a lovely fanned out effect.. cant wait to use it properly!
I also recieved the collection 2000 shimmer shades brick in number 1; way to glow

This also reminds me of their shimmer & shade products which were sadly discontinued but a different appearance...

My last treat is a very vibrant lipstick in Mango Tango.. may be a little bright for me but i will find a way to make it work!

Thanks again collection 2000 for my lovely prize..

Laura xx


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