8 September 2011

stop. take a breath. and realise what you want.

Okay so im sitting here at half ten writing a blog post because i get inspiration at the most random of times. Safe to say after reading a few blog posts about back to school and it being so horrific i have to say im in agreement.. after finding out i did second to worst in politics after actually revising.. and my best friend deciding she was leaving after all of about 10 minutes safe to say i havent really been in the best of moods.. least of all to be blogging. But today I think i kind of realised a few things
1. after years of my mum telling me.. after this year everyone i know will be dotted around the country and in all fairness i doubt i will say two words to most people i know now again. Its quite a depressing thought but at the end of the day its life.. we all move on, go our own seperate ways and we should really just be making he most of the time we spend with each other (so cliche i know)
2. we spend 14 years of our lives (excluding uni) in education and after recieveing grades i wasnt all that impressed with i think i finally ave been given the kick up the backside to actually have motivation to do well at the end of this year. After deciding Uni probably isnt the best place for me im going to need some decent a level results to get me somewhere in life that isnt behind a supermarket till (just to make sure pople are aware this isnt me saying its a shitty job.. im saying i want to achieve higher)however i have yet to decide where this will be..
3. The world of blogging seems to have become very tainted and there seems to be a lot of hate. There also seems to be a lot of events and PR freebies around too and in all fairness the fun of blogging seems to be slowly sucked out.. ad there are a few bloggers that seem to blog more fior their followers than they do for them.. which i have no objection to.. i just wish there were more bloggers with personality behind their posts..
4. sometimes, no matter how right you know you are its time to give up fighing a losing battle and let people find out the hard way that unless you put any effort in, your not going to get very far in life. Instead of standing up for others and trying to make them see the light.. you need to focus that energy on yourself and be selfish sometimes.. no point crying over someone elses mistakes.
5. just be yourself. after years of being put in a box, or being held back into someones image of who i used to be.. today i actually felt free enough that my true personality wasnt just being spread through some words on a blog but actually through me. its very easy to lose yourself in your friends and to not change from that person you were when you met them... but its also just as easy to come out of that shell of yourself and try to let the true you be seen. this is my aim from now on.

Im not sure how well this blog post will be recieved, in fact im not sure why i even wanted to write it.. but like i said inspiration comes from the most random places and this blog is about me, my thoughts and my life.  so until next time.. laura xx


  1. I know what you mean about people dotted all over the place, I noticed it this summer. Its so weird having everyone growing up and moving out or away, seems like yesterday when we were all playing in the school yard haha xx

  2. Blogging can be fun! Honest! Look, a santa smiley! ---> *<]:-}
    Look, a botched circumcision smiley! ---> :3