1 July 2012

A letter to my followers

Dear all remaining followers still interested in what I have to say...

Almost a year after I abandoned my blog, I'm back. A lot has changed since my decision to leave the blogging world , and with sixth form finished, and me embarking on a new journey I decided it was time to return. Along with my return, I have changed my blog, and it has actually taken me a couple of weeks to get it how I wanted it, but I'm finally happy and ready to officially relaunch it. I hope to be a much better blogger this time around, intending to post everyday.

Despite finishing my A-Levels, life is not any less stressful.. I am currently helping out in a primary school everyday until the end of term, and will hopefully be going to college for a year next year before applying to University. If it is not obvious..I am hoping to one day work with children/be a primary school teacher. Alongside all of this, I have a few personal goals I am trying to achieve and other things I want to plan and do.

All in all the next academic year looks to be a busy one, however I hopefully will not have the pressures I had in the last one (I was attempting to do 2 years of work in one basically) and my blog will be as successful as I hope it will be.

I look forward to posting again tomorrow,

Laura xx

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