14 July 2012

A little update and some University help.

I just thought I would give you all little update into my life right now. I have spent the past 3 and a half weeks volunteering in a local primary school, all to benefit my university application, and to give me something to do whilst on study leave. unfortunately this comes to and end in the next week, and I will have to say goodbye to the lovely children I have spent the last few weeks with.. when I fished my last work experience I almost cried.. and that was after only a week.. this will be interesting. This may have left me exhausted after all the fun had in a reception class, however I will definitely miss it.

Word of advice to all future university applicants, whether necessary or not, carry out work experience, if possible, in the area your interested in BEFORE you send off your application for 3 reasons.
1. It puts you ahead of candidates that have no/little/have yet to complete their work experience. this gives them less reason to not take you on the course
2. It gives you something to talk about in your personal statement AND in any interviews. It shows a real interest in the subject and that your not going to get halfway down the line and decide you don't like it.
3. they can be used as part o your UCAS reference, giving an opinion from someone in the career you want to pursue.

I learnt both of these the hard way this year.

I would also reccomend that you already start ordering prospectuses, looking at courses, writing personal statements and going to open days/booking places on them. the sooner you know where you want to go (you have 5 choices) and have a statement written, the sooner your application can be sent off. Some courses are filled on a first come first serve basis and so it is important to get your application in ASAP.

My life is pretty much consumed with college and uni prep, and so that's it from my update. I have a notebook that I carry around with me which has a list of the universities I want to go to, the courses available relevant to me and the points/grades needed to go there. I know what i need to achieve and know where I want to go.

I hope this has been helpful to those of you interested. sorry to those past this stage in life.. I hope to have something more relevant next time.


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