13 July 2012

We Were on a Break...

Having a variety of beauty products to choose from is definitely one of the perks of being a beauty blogger.. the vast accumulation of products purely because you heard or read about how wonderful they were. It is also a sign you are probably a beauty addict.. even if your slightly afraid to admit it. I can admit that I fall into both categories, especially as it took me 5 minutes to decide between two practically identical nail varnishes from my collection this evening. Despite all this.. it is probably shocking to hear me say that blogging about them is not something I have enjoyed recently. Since my lst blog post after my return,  I tried numerous times, even taking the pictures in preparation, to write blog posts about my favourite products etc. yet when it came to actually writing the post, I couldn't think what to write. the words didn't flow like they do when its something I actually care about. It is when I made this realisation, I decided, as much as I enjoy reading the blogs and watching the videos, its not something I enjoy writing myself. I just like to write, and ramble. I think this blog is going to stay running, but expect a blog post when I have something interesting to say. A blog is nothing but a shell if there is no real passion behind it.

When I came back to blogging I knew that beauty wasn't the route I wanted to go down again.. and yet when i made a plan, the only things i could think that would be interesting to my readers (even if you are few compared to other blogs) would be beauty an fashion related. I have since re-realised this blog isn't about pleasing the willing readers, its about expressing a part of myself to those who want to read, those who are a bit nosy, and maybe even those who care.

I probably will have the odd beauty post, but I want this to reflect what i m doing, what i want to pursue and tales of my boring life so far. I will definitely be posting about my Italy trip plans, and will also do a post on the trip I took a couple of years ago with a friend and her family (and maybe some pictures if she agrees). Maybe some posts on the books I'm reading, the books I have read and the same for films. Trends i love, trends I hate.. and even the odd expense I'm lusting after. I'm going to document the important bits of my life and everything that goes with it on this blog. It isn't just going to be something for you to read but also something that i can look back on, a sort of diary, to help me remember those things that we sometimes forget.

I hope that you are all still interested in reading, and its a little departure from what you may be used to, what with the vast array of beauty blogs out there for you to choose from.  Feel free to comment with your opinions on my departure from the beauty community, and i hope you can venture ideas on things you would like to see from this blog, because although I'm writing this for myself, I like to have and readers to include, because it is nothing without you. 


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