2 July 2012

Update number 2

Lovely readers,

I have set up a lovely plan of posts, with each day allocated to a different type of post, and I planned on starting this today and explaining as the week went on which type of posts to expect on that day as well as one of the planned posts, HOWEVER, tragedy struck and i found myself without a suitable camera for the next couple of days.Typical of this to happen when I finally decide to get back into blogging. I am determined that this will not prevent me from posting everyday. Until I can take pictures you will see a couple of posts which do not require any.. and today is no exception. I thought I would just lay out my blogging plan for you all to see and give you a few ideas about projects I have lined up. 

Monday: Make-Up bag for the week 
Tuesday: Book/Film/TV review
Wednesday: Weekly Haul/Tag/Request
Thursday: Beauty product Review
Friday: NOTW including review
Saturday: Favourite 3 OOTW
Sunday: Favourite thing of the week

Hopefully I can stick to this, and some of the posts may be scheduled just to make sure I stick to it as much as possible. I am determined not to flag.

If you read my last post you will have noticed I'm taking a year between A-Levels and Uni. This is for numerous reasons, the main being that I'm trying to improve my grades and hopefully go to a better university. This is also why I am going to college and am currently helping out in a primary school and am helping outwith Rainbows. I have applied for a childcare related course at college particularly to learn skills that will benefit me in the application/interview processes of university application and also will be beneficial when i am at Uni. This leads me on to my next point. I am considering posting regular blog posts related to University application as I go through the process to help others out in the same situation, especially as I have already done it once before and have learnt from mistakes.Let me know if this is something you would like me to post this ASAP (leave a comment or tweet me @09lauraspain ) so I can plan and start posting about that shortly.

The other thing I wanted to talk to you all about is a holiday I am planning. I am hoping to start planning a weeks trip to Rome, Italy so i can have a guide as to how much I need to save. I have a rough figure but I want to plan day trips etc. this is another thing i wondered if any of you would be interested in, I was wondering if I should document my plans etc on my blog, showing places i want to visit, pricing, hotels etc, so if any of you are planning a similar trip in the future it could be referenced to or may even spark an interest in some of you.

These are just a couple of ideas I had that I thought I might share with you, but ultimately I'm not going to if they are of no interest to anyone because they are quite specific.

I hope your as happy to be reading my blog again as I am happy to be writing it again, its like being home.

Talk to you again tomorrow

Laura xx

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